Travel Innovation Group - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I find the latest airline COVID-19 policies?
    All websites across our group are constantly updated with our own, and relevant airline policies as soon as we receive them. They can be viewed via:
    Virgin Atlantic Flightstore

  • I can’t find the specific airline policy I am looking for, what do I do?
    All airline policies that we have received from our airline partners are on the relevant website as per question 1. If you are looking for a specific airline policy that is not listed or are confused as to which policy applies, please contact as below:
    Aviate & Virgin Atlantic Flightstore:
    This email address in only for general policy clarifications and requests.  Individual booking queries will not be responded to.  For individual booking support please contact our general support channels as normal

  • Where can I find information about service levels?
    Our team are working hard to deal with all incoming amendments as soon as possible.  We update our website multiple times a day to keep you up to date.  Our current service level statuses can be found below:
    Virgin Atlantic Flightstore

  • We have clients overseas who would like to return earlier than planned, what are my options?
    Please contact our support teams by emailing us with ‘IN RESORT: Departure date, PNR and booking reference’ in the subject line. 
    Include a contact number in the body of the email so we can call you back, and as much information as you can give to enable us to resolve your query as efficiently as possible.
    We are prioritising emails in order of urgency.
    Lime Flights:
    Lime Groups:
    Virgin Atlantic Flightstore:

  • Why have Lime/Aviate/Virgin Atlantic Flightstore taken the decision to cancel all flight sectors that are due to travel up until midnight on 30 April 2020?
    Our intention is to reduce the pressure that both us and our tour operators are experiencing due the immediacy of amended/cancelled services – and avoid the possibility of a ‘no show’ penalty for you and your clients who are likely to be unable to make their journey at this time.
    Note; we have only cancelled bookings that fall under our ‘Flights’ services, which includes: Inclusive Tour, Published, Seat Only and Cruise fares. Any Groups bookings have not been automatically cancelled.

  • My client’s flight is still operating, and they still want to travel, what do I do?
    You need to be proactive in letting us know.  Please contact us on the below email addresses with ‘DO NOT CANCEL’ , the departure date, PNR and booking reference in the subject line.  Please also include a contact number within the email so that we can contact you.
    Aviate –
    Virgin Atlantic Flightstore –
    Lime –

  • I’ve checked the most recent airline policy; my clients qualify for a refund. How long will it take to process?
    This will vary depending on how the airline enables refunding, when we receive the funds from the airline, we will send this on to you. This can take between 8 to 16 weeks. Refunds will only be processed in line with overriding airline and IATA rules.
    Lime Flights refunds: online form
    Aviate refunds: online form
    Virgin Atlantic Flightstore refunds: online form

  • How long do exchange travel credits remain valid?  
    The exchange travel credit is held on your account for as long as the airline policy permits.
    You must check the most recent airline policy for full clarification, found via the websites listed in question 1.

  • Can we use the exchange travel credit against any Aviate airline so long as we book via Aviate?
    No. The exchange travel credit must be used for a booking on the same airline via Aviate. Some airlines may allow you to reroute.
    You must check the most recent airline policy for full clarification, found via the websites listed in question 1.

  • Can I use my exchange travel credit towards a different customer?
    No. Exchange travel credits may only be redeemed against the same party as the original PNR.
    You must check the most recent airline policy for full clarification, found via the websites listed in question 1.

  • If we are eligible for an exchange travel credit for an airline and that airline ceases trading, what happens to the value of the exchange travel credit?
    Unfortunately, you would lose the value of that travel credit.

  • How do I keep track of bookings that are eligible for exchange travel credits?
    We recommend you keep your own records of those bookings and create an internal process so that all of your teams are aware of the rebooking process. We are looking to move such bookings into a different status so they can be more easily identified, however this will take time to complete.
    You can view your bookings in your online account for Lime, Aviate or Virgin Atlantic Flightstore using the ‘My Bookings’ tab, and filter by ‘Cancelled’.

  • Where does the remark `C19` need to be added when we make a new booking in our account, in order to redeem the exchange travel credit?
    To track exchange travel credit bookings, we need ‘C19’ and the original PNR to be entered in the ‘Reference Field’ as you make your new booking online. This allows us both to identify these bookings and assign the exchange travel credit from the original booking to the new booking.

  • Do I ticket the new booking as normal when using an exchange travel credit?
    No. You must not ticket these bookings yourself. Please contact us directly when you are ready to ticket the new booking.
    If you fail to do so, and ticket yourself, you will not be able to redeem the exchange travel credit against the new booking.

  • Considering the current COVID-19 situation, what is the policy from Lime, Aviate and Virgin Atlantic Flightstore in relation to administration fees on refunds if the airline policy allows and my client qualifies?
    If a refund is permitted by the airline, we will process refunds in line with that airline’s policy. If the airline does not charge, we will also waive refund fees.

  • How can we feed back to airlines about their policies?
    We are in contact with all airline partners and provide feedback from our customers where appropriate. Of course, this is an unprecedented circumstance, and airlines as well as governing bodies are reactively reviewing and amending policies in the best interest of both the short and long term for all involved.

  • How safe is it to travel to other countries now?
    Unfortunately, we are unable to advise on whether your clients should/shouldn’t travel. Please always check with the FCO here.
    All airline policies can be found here. A time and date will appear next to any policies which have been updated.
    Virgin Atlantic Flightstore

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