AJV boat cruise

Air Canada and United Airlines boat cruise

On Thursday 7th June 2018, Aviate, Air Canada and United Airlines hosted a canal dinner cruise.

Sam Preston our Marketing Executive was a host alongside Naomi Moizer, our Key Partnership and Business Development Manager as well as Account Managers from Air Canada and United Airlines.

The evening started with all guests arriving at Prince Regent for a 6:30pm start where they were greeted with Magnums of Hattingley Valley, a class Cuvee Hampshire 2013 – which was a real hit!

Everyone was seated round one table which stretched the length of the narrow boat. They were introduced to their chef and wine expert for the evening, Stuart Kilpatrick and Harry Lobek.

After the introductions the group had their first course which was an all-time favourite “Fish and Chips” a delicate service of angles fries and white baite. Second course was smoked roe, raw vegetables and nigella seeds, very delicious.

Once the first courses had been devoured everyone set sail, proceeding to the front of the boat sipping their accompanied wine everyone enjoyed all the sights and had a good chat!

This was a prime time to talk to our operators about Aviate, Air Canada and United Airlines.

The sights of London Zoo, the turnabout point at Camden Lock and the cruise back to Paddington at sunset was amazing and a perfect way for the group to relax. Even some of our operators who have lived and worked in London all their life quoted “sights of London I never knew existed”.

After it was competition time! The hosts asked for business cards to be put in a champagne bucket and 2 lucky winners each won a £50 shopping voucher!

There was just one more thing to “tackle” pudding! After finishing English berries with Ricotta Ice cream and meringue, accompanied by a bottle of fantastic wine… which was claimed to be “the best wine I have ever drank” the evening had come to an end.

Everyone who attended had a wonderful time, it was a great chance to meet some of our operators and update them on the latest about Air Canada and United Airlines. Other quotes of the night included; “I felt like a tourist” “One of the best after-work events I have been to”.

We can safely say the event was a success and all our great thanks goes to Air Canada and United Airlines for hosting this fantastic evening, and thank you to those operators who attended.

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