24 August 2015 / Aviate News

Another busy week...

Yet again another busy week here at the Aviate Office.

17 August 2015 / Airline News

Emirates boosts services to Phuket with four additional weekly flights

Emirates, today announced four new weekly flights between Dubai and Phuket to commence on 1 December 2015

17 August 2015 / Airline News

"Men in Black" the Safety Defenders from Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand's brand new safety video has arrived, and it’s out of this world!

07 August 2015 / Aviate News

More training, More knowledge

We had the pleasure of meeting Kevin from Air Canada and Jane from United on Tuesday.

07 August 2015 / Airline News

Air Canada Rouge route, London to Toronto

Air Canada Route are providing a new service from London Gatwick to Toronto. This service will begin in Summer 2016.

07 August 2015 / Airline News

Emirates is to add another A380 onto it's London Gatwick service

Emirates is to add another A380 on it's London Gatwick service from January next year.

03 August 2015 / Aviate News

"Kia Ora"

We met Cindy Buckland from Air New Zealand last Thursday

31 July 2015 / Aviate News

"Life Well Travelled"

More training commenced at Aviate this week

30 July 2015 / Airline News

"Life Well Travelled"

Cathay Pacific believe travel experiences are inherently positive – they build stronger relationships, bridge cultures, open minds and provide new perspectives.

27 July 2015 / Aviate News

Great Foundations

A handful of members from the Aviate team were able to attend training for Virgin Atlantic which took place in Crawley at their base camp

24 July 2015 / Airline News

Etihad Airways increase to double-daily service to Seychelles

Etihad Airways have increased the number of flights between Abu Dhabi and Seychelles to a daily service

17 July 2015 / Aviate News

What we learnt at Aviate this week

The Aviate office has been busy this week with a variety of our airlines coming in to hold training sessions

13 July 2015 / Aviate News

Experiencing Turkish Airlines

On Friday 10th July members of our Aviate team visited Manchester Airport for a Turkish Airline aircraft tour

13 July 2015 / Aviate News

Get into Singapore

Singapore Tourism Board held a Trade Engagement Evening in Manchester on the 8th July

10 July 2015 / Aviate News

This week at Aviate

We were delighted to welcome our newest airline partner Etihad Airways to our offices in Chester yesterday