Discounted Covid-19 tests for Turkish Airlines Passengers

Discounted Covid-19 tests for Turkish Airlines Passengers

Details of Turkish Airlines discounted COVID-19 test collaborations with Randox, Klarity and Cignpost as detailed below.

Turkish Airlines collaboration with Randox 

You can access the details of the collaboration with Randox via this page. In order to benefit from the discount, please use the campaign code below.

Campaign code: UKTK

Turkish Airlines collaboration with Klarity 

For advantageous and exclusive prices for Turkish Airlines passengers and for details on various kit options, passengers may visit this page.

Turkish Airlines collaboration with Cignpost

In order to benefit from the special prices in our collaboration with Cignpost, you can use the campaign code TURKISH21. Please note that you must make an appointment before going to the centres for tests.

Campaign code: TURKISH21

Please visit the UK government site to check whether your passenger needs a COVID-19 test for their specific journey.

Please also note that COVID-19 testing services are provided independently of Turkish Airlines. Should your passenger choose to purchase a COVID-19 test from either of these suppliers, their company terms and conditions will apply

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