Discover the Treasures of Jordan

Discover the Treasures of Jordan

Delighting visitors for centuries, Jordan is the ultimate place for adventure. From ancient ruins, out-of-this-world views, delicious cuisine, ultimate relaxation and adrenaline rush experiences, there is so much to explore in the diverse and dramatic country of Jordan.

Adventure Awaits

For those seeking thrill and excitement, Jordan offers a variety of activities to keep visitors busy. Go canyoning and abseiling down the centre of the cliffs of Wadi Mujib or go diving among shipwrecks and snorkel in the Red Sea. Not forgetting the abundance of hiking trails on offer for all skills and abilities.

Ancient Discoveries

Near the top of every traveller’s must-see list, no trip would be complete without taking in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Petra, one of the greatest ancient cities of the world. However, Petra is far from the only ancient sites to see. Must see monuments include Greco-Roman city of Jerash, one of the best-preserved Roman ruins in the world, Crusader Castles, the ancient Roman and Ottoman ruins of Umm Qais and many more!

Breathtaking Landscapes

The landscapes alone make Jordan memorable. From wildflowers and forests in the north to desert dunes and incredible rock formations in the south with plenty of castles, canyons, and ancient ruins in between. Travellers are sure to be amazed with spectacular views wherever they are.

Traditional Lifestyle

The hilly capital of Jordan, Amman, boasts countless attractions and showcases a contrast between traditional and modern Eastern culture. For those curious to learn about the country’s history, Amman is home to several fascinating museums, a Roman Theatre, and impressive structure still intact, The Citadel. The city also offers lively markets, plenty of shopping opportunities and rooftop bars, restaurants and cafes where visitors can sample the local cuisine with a drink or two!

Sit Back and Relax

There are plenty of relaxing opportunities in Jordan, some more well-known than others. From swimming in the Dead Sea, a bucket list moment in any Jordan itinerary, to relax, float and enjoy a natural spa experience to the country’s best kept secret, Ma’in Hot Springs, filled with thermal pools, gushing waterfalls and natural cave saunas.

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