EVA Introduces Inflight Amenities by Jason Wu, Rimowa

EVA Introduces Inflight Amenities by Jason Wu, Rimowa

EVA Introduces Inflight Amenities by Jason Wu, Rimowa, Ferragamo New 2019 offerings also include aristocratic cuisine, inspired pastries

EVA Air has collaborated with renowned fashion designer Jason Wu, luxury brands, including Rimowa and Ferragamo, acclaimed chefs and more to create new 2019 amenities and service items for Royal Laurel and Premium Laurel Classes passengers. By combing the creativity of some of the world’s leading experts in luxury, style and taste with its own innovative spirit, EVA offers top-cabin passengers a fresh take on sumptuous inflight comfort. The new amenities and services are available on selected EVA flights now.

Sleepwear with Comfort and Style

EVA chose Jason Wu to create its 2019 sleepwear for passengers flying long-haul in Royal Laurel and Premium Laurel Classes. Recognized for designing Michelle Obama’s dresses for both of her husband’s U.S. presidential inaugurations, Wu conceived EVA’s new PJs for comfort and style. This is the first time Wu has worked with an airline.

Aristocratic Dining, Inspired Pastries

Tan-style cuisine Master Chef Huang Ching-biao created a special menu for selected EVA routes, using ancient recipes in the aristocratic cuisine’s cooking style made popular in royal courts and enjoyed over the centuries by prime ministers and world leaders. Prepared with slow, painstaking, traditional cooking techniques and nothing but the best ingredients, the inflight dining experience begins with a pork shoulder slice wrapped with cucumber and Thai-style shrimp followed by golden chicken soup with seafood in a rich, golden broth. The main course is braised abalone in oyster sauce served with stir-fried rice with caramel olive while dessert is an elegant concoction of Tan’s mashed taro and sweet potato in water chestnut sauce. EVA is serving the Tan-style cuisine to Royal Laurel Class passengers on flights from Taipei to Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco.

Acclaimed Italian pastry chef Andrea Bonaffini of the popular Taipei patisserie Yellow Lemon created four seasonal desserts exclusively for EVA Royal Laurel and Premium Laurel Classes passengers. Starting this month, passengers can enjoy “Sexy Lady,” an irresistibly delicious pastry with rose petals, slightly tart and refreshing raspberries, lychee and chocolate. On the spring menu, EVA is offering an inventive delight named “Bianca,” followed in summer by “Cocco Mango” and in autumn, by “Nocciola.” These diet-ending treats will be introduced to Royal Laurel and Premium Laurel Classes passengers flying from Taipei to Brisbane, Paris and Vienna as menus change seasonally.

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