Experience Royal Jordanian

Experience Royal Jordanian

With its headquarters located in the heart of the city, Amman and best known as Jordan’s national carrier, Royal Jordanian serves 45 destinations in nearly 30 countries throughout the Middle East, where it offers one o the most extensive networks of any airline to Europe, Asia, Africa and North America.

With Economy Class and Crown Class to choose from, Royal Jordanian offer clients a comfortable flight however they travel:

Economy Class Experience

Clients can arrive at their destination feeling fresh and ready to go, thanks to the comfortable flight they enjoy seated in Economy Class. Royal Jordanian Economy Class boasts well cushioned and spacious seats, all of which are equipped with an individual fan and reading light. They also have in-flight entertainment with a wide range of blockbusters and classic movies, television favourites, music and reading material, ensuring clients have everything they need during their flight.

As part of their desire to offer traditional hospitality to each passenger, full meals are served on medium to long flights and provide light snacks on shorter runs. Economy Class brings an array of more than 40 delicious and flavorful dishes from local and international cuisine covering the three main meals of the day.

Comfortably tranquil in Crown Class

To begin their journey right, Crown Class offers clients a Crown Check-in where they can sit back and relax in the exclusive Crown Check-in area, away from the airport rush, while the airline takes care of their travel arrangements, baggage and check-in. Next, clients are invited to experience the luxurious Crown Lounge. Whether they want to relax, work, hangout or dine, the lounge has been designed to suit the needs of every passenger in mind.

Creating an atmosphere of peaceful serenity, Crown Class seating is a step above the rest. Clients are able to lay back and recline all the way on the luxurious flat bed and have a good nights sleep.

The airline’s in-flight entertainment system takes travel entertainment to a whole new level with its wide range of films, television programmes, music, and broad selection of games.

Prepared with their clients in mind, Royal Jordanian offer tasteful meals that will satisfy all palates. Royal Jordanian Crown Class boast a menu comprising of a full range of finely crafted meals made of quality ingredients. On every flight the airline serves a wide array of complimentary meals, drinks and snacks and for medium and long-haul flights, the meals consist of four courses.

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