Exploring the Beautiful Surroundings of Cap Maison, St. Lucia

Exploring the Beautiful Surroundings of Cap Maison, St. Lucia

It's not hard to understand why St. Lucia is a favourite travel destination for so many people given the island's combination of endless sunlight, lovely calm beaches, lush jungles, and sheer cliff faces.

This beautiful Caribbean Island attracts a wide range of tourists, from those seeking a relaxing holiday to those wanting an adrenaline-fueled getaway, the island has something for everyone.

At Cap Maison your clients will never be too far from the wonderful activities the island has to offer. The property is beautifully secluded but conveniently close to the island’s main tourism area of Rodney Bay and its wide choice of local bars, shops, and stunning beaches.

This blog post will explore some of the main things not to be missed in St. Lucia.

Pitons Mountains - Gros Piton and Petit Piton

The picturesque west coast of the island runs through lush tropical flora onto the Fond Gens Libre settlement, which is known as the "village of the free people. The Pitons Mountains are two volcanic spires that rise side by side from the sea and are connected by the Piton Mitan ridge. It is a fundamental to visit these breathtaking mountains if you're in St. Lucia as they have been included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Your clients can enjoy panoramic views while hiking up the mountain, making this the ideal spot to begin if they prioritise adventure.

Your clients can choose from a variety of tours that feature a tour of the Pitons at Cap Maison; the tours are listed below:

  • One of a kind Piton Sightseeing
  • Island Tour
  • Soufriere Volcano Safari
  • The Best of St. Lucia
  • The Grenadine
  • Toute Bagay tour

Soufriere Volcano – Sulphur Springs Park

Another must-see is Sulphur Spring Park, the most prime tourist location in St. Lucia and the "World's Only Drive-In Volcano," where visitors can drive or walk deep into the core of the dormant volcano. Also, there is the option to take a plunge in the naturally heated pools with mud that is rich in minerals, and the breath-taking neighbouring waterfalls are ideal for rinsing off. This tourism destination is ideal for your geological history-loving clients who want to discover the island's past and how stunning modern-day St. Lucia came to be.

The Sulphur Springs Park is about a two-hour drive from Cap Maison, and some of the trips mentioned above, such as The Island, The Best of St. Lucia, and Toute Bagay include a stop there.

Toraille Waterfall

St. Lucia is home to several stunning waterfalls, but the Toraille Waterfall is one of the most popular in the entire island. It is only a short drive away from the Sulphur Springs Park, and the following tours also feature a stop there, the Island tour and the best of St. Lucia.

The Toraille waterfall is undoubtedly the greatest option if your clients are searching for a peaceful, tranquil walk through a rain forest, the ideal location for photography, or simply the best that nature has to offer, perfect for those who are nature enthusiasts.

Tet Paul Nature Trail – The “Stairway to Heaven”

The Tet Paul Nature Trail is one of the most popular hikes that the island has to offer. The views from the trail have been often described as the “Stairway to Heaven”. From various spots along the walk, you can see everything from the towering Pitons to the distant islands of Martinique and St. Vincent. Along the route, it is also easy to see the stunning southern side of St. Lucia, including Jalousie Baym, Fond Gens Libre, Choiseul, Maria Island, and Vieux Fort.

With amazing scenery guaranteed when hiking to the top of Tet Pau, this is the perfect location for a selfie. The hike can take about 45 minutes to complete, it is an easy to moderate difficulty and is perfect for families and groups.

The trail is located a short drive of just under 2 hours from Cap Maison.

Authentic St. Lucian French-creole culinary culture

St. Lucian cuisine is a blend of British, French, and Creole influences, as well as Indian influences brought to the island by indentured labourers transported from India.

Green fig and saltfish is the national dish, though the figs in the dish are actually bananas! Local ingredients are always fresh and can be found at roadside stalls selling fruits, vegetables, and meat in addition to supermarkets. Nutmeg and cloves are the most popular spices to use and are present in many of the local dishes.

The following are four of the most popular foods in Saint Lucia:

  • Smoked Herring & Breadfruit
  • Stewed pork & ground provisions
  • Mannish Water
  • Stewed chicken backs

At Cap Maison Your clients will never go hungry and will have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the local cuisine and try the Island's rich, colourful natural products thanks to the resort's regular food events, wine cellar tastings, pop-up dinners, and visits from famous chefs.

Tour and tasting session at the Hotel Chocolat Factory

This one’s for the chocolate lovers, an experience they won’t want to miss. Project Chocolat is located on Saint Lucia’s oldest working cacao farm, Rabot Estate, which is nestled in the breath-taking natural beauty and tropical abundance of the Saint Lucian rainforest. The best way to explore the Estate is by going on the Tree to Bar experience, where a distinctive, immersive chocolate adventure with expert guides will be provided.

The Bean to Bar experience is for those with a sweet tooth who would enjoy gaining delicious insider knowledge, as they will get to taste the cacao pulp from a freshly cut pod and learn from the experts what it takes to transform roasted cacao beans into their own chocolate bar.

The Rabot Estate is roughly a 2-hour drive from Cap Maison.

We hope that our blog has helped you decide to recommend St. Lucia to your clients as a travel destination and has provided you with some insight into what the Island and Cap Maison have to offer them.

If you want to learn more about the accommodation options offered at Cap Maison, view here.

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