Etihad Airways System Change

Etihad Airways - essential system change

Disruption expected on Etihad Airways bookings on 8 and 9 March 2023

There may be some disruption to Etihad Airways bookings on the 8 and 9 March 2023 as the airline switch their systems over to Amadeus Altéa Passenger Service System. This change will affect the whole of the Etihad Airways network (website, reservation systems, and mobile apps). Please see the full Etihad Airways announcement here.

If you need to action any Etihad Airways bookings please do so within the coming days, as the airlines systems will be down for the 8 March 2023 and 9 March 2023, actions which should be taken as follows:

  • Any bookings with a ticket deadline of 8 March 2023 or 9 March 2023, will need to be ticketed early
  • No new bookings will be able to be made on the 8 March 2023 or 9 March 2023
  • Any amendments that are timely for these dates should be made early.
  • Any timely refunds requests for Etihad Airways bookings should be made early.
  • Schedule Changes needed for 8 March 2023 or 9 March 2023 will be to be requested early.
  • Adding ancillaries i.e. meals, seats, baggage which need to be added on these days, should be requested early.
  • Online check in will be unavailable to customers. Dates vary depending on the departure airport.
  • Your clients can check-in at the airport four hours ahead of their departure.

All flights will operate as usual.

Etihad Airways will gradually resume all system services starting from 9 March 2023. Any new bookings from 9 March 2023 will be in the new system, plus all amendments, changes, and requests to existing bookings will be actionable as normal in the new system.

To keep up to date on this topic and any FAQs, please follow this page.

Please get in touch with our Reservations team if you have any questions or need any assistance:

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