Introducing Emirates semi-deferred fares

Introducing Emirates semi-deferred fares

As of today, this update is now available on our booking system, giving you and your clients greater choice.

Usual Inclusive Tour (IT) fares are bookable with the existing ticket deadline. The new semi-deferred fares offer your customer a slightly cheaper option so long as you are comfortable ticketing the booking within 1 month from PNR creation date.
An example fare would display as:
Tier 1 (typical IT fare): £200 - with the current 9-month fare guarantee and existing ticketing deadline
Tier 2 (new semi-deferred fare): £190 - 1 month ticketing deadline from the PNR creation date

The below information from Emirates will give you further updates regarding the new structure:

It is important to decide from the onset which TTL / fare the passenger would like and price accordingly with the correct entry.

• If the passenger advises that they will pay and have their bookings ticketed within 30days, you need to price with the TIM pricing entry.
• If the passenger advises that the ticketing will be outside of 30days from date of booking, you need to book and price using ITX pricing entry
• In either case, use the appropriate OSI entry given.

• 2 separate ITX fares will be loaded with 2 separate PTC's: ITX for standard ITX fare / TIM for discounted fare

• 2 separate OSI will be for each PTC
• ITX: OSI EK IT BOOKING 2022-2023

• ITX: Standard ITX entry
• TIM: Replace “ITX” in current entries with “TIM”

• There will not be 2 fare levels for for any fare brand special fares. This will remain as 1 fare level.
• There will not be 2 fare levels for for Australia / New Zealand. This will remain as 1 fare level.

Please click here to see the updated Emirates ticketing table.

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