Introduction of JAL International Economy Class Paid Advance Seat Selection

Introduction of JAL International Economy Class Paid Advance Seat Selection

Please note that paid advance seat selection for extra legroom on JAL international flights is now in place.

  1. Date of sales start:

10th November 2020.

  1. Sales channel:

JAL web site (paid seat can be purchased during the ticket reservation flow and also on the booking details screen).

  1. Sales period:

As soon as reservations for a flight are open until close of check-in for the flight (passengers are also unable to purchase after they have checked-in for the flight, even if check-in remains open).

  1. Applicable Flights:

All JAL international flights operated by JAL departing on / after 3rd December 2020 (flights to / from Canada are excluded).

  1. Applicable seats:

Exit row seats and bulkhead seats in economy cabin.

  1. Applicable tickets / Applicable cabin class and RBD: 

- JAL international tickets (including tickets purchased at travel agency and FFP award tickets).

- Y cabin (RBD: B,H,K,M,L,V,S,Q,N,O,T)

- Please note this paid seat selection system does not apply to Group fares which are unable to be retrieved on JAL web site, nor does it apply to fares which are not eligible for advance seat selection.

  1. Fee per passenger / per segment:

Fee for children and infants occupying seats will be same as adult. Infants traveling without a seat are not required to purchase


Sales in Japan

Sales in Canada


Flights between Japan and Europe, North America, Australia, and India




Flights between Japan and South East Asia (except Manila)




Flights between Japan and China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Guam, Manila, and Vladivostok




8. Passengers who are exempted from payment:

- VIP status passenger, JMB Diamond, JGC Premier, JGC, JMB Sapphire, JMB Cristal and oneworld Tier Status members and one accompanying passenger.

- A passenger with RBD:Y for the eligible flight.

- Some priority guests and accompanying passengers.

- A passenger who requested bassinet and one accompanying passenger.


9. Seat map:

In image 9.1 paid seats are displayed as reserved not available seats.

In image 9.2 paid seats are displayed as available for the passengers who are exempted from payment.

Please contact GDS to confirm whether or not the paid seat purchased through JAL web site is reflected in GDS.

Please click here to view the seat map.

10. Please note the following:
・Paid seats cannot be purchased at the airport counter.
・Agent is unable to change the paid seat which a passenger has purchased.
・Please contact JAL call centre to request refund for a paid seat.
・When reservation change or cancellation within fare rules for a flight on which a paid seat has been purchased, EMD can be refunded. Please ask the passenger to contact JAL call center to inquire about the refund of paid seat.
・If a paid seat cannot be used due to flight changes and becomes a free seat, please ask the passenger to contact JAL Call Centre about the paid seat.
・Since we may need to call the passenger when the paid seat is transferred in case of irregularity, please get the passenger’s contact details and reflect them to the booking reservation.
・In the case of the APE mail address is registered by the 1A GDS travel agent, when the passenger purchased a paid seat, JAL will send the EMD receipt to all existing APE shown.

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