Myconian Collection, with love from the Daktylides family

Myconian Collection, with love from the Daktylides family

Long before Mykonos was the luxury destination that it is today, it was a well-guarded secret island of locals, who worked the land and sea.

With big dreams and unwavering hard work, George and Eleftheria Daktylides and their four sons built the Myconian Collection from the ground up.

Digging the Kohili hotel’s foundations himself, this was George Daktylides first hotel. Set high above Alefkandra harbour and looking directly onto the famous 16th-century windmills on the edge of Chora, it commanded sweeping views of the Aegean and was an instant hit.

It wasn’t long before plans were in motion to build another hotel – the following year, Korali was completed, thus setting into motion the Myconian Collection empire. Wanting to leave one hotel for each of their sons, six years after opening their second hotel, Kyma and Kalypso were built. In anticipation of the growing demand for luxury destinations, the first luxury establishment of its kind was built on the island, the Ambassador.

Following the return of all four brothers to the island after completing their studies abroad, it was time to expand again, adding more properties to this ever-growing empire.

Purchasing a plot of sloping land right above Elia’s sandy beach, the Daktylides built their second five-star hotel, the Royal in 2000. Year after year, they secured more land and added to the Myconian Collection with the Imperial in 2002, the Villa Collection in 2012, Utopia in 2013 and Avaton in 2014.

Always improving and renovating across their incredible portfolio of properties is part of the reason why this collection has grown from strength to strength. For everyone at Myconian Collection, great hospitality is like sustaining the romance in a serious relationship.

In 2021 Panoptis Escape was built and in 2022 O by Myconian Collection was added, the last addition to this incredible luxury hotel portfolio.

What makes the Myconian Collection stand apart?

Together, the Myconian Collection properties offer the best of design and gastronomy, but individually, they are unique and full of character.

Featuring 12 gourmet restaurants, state-of-the-art Thalasso spa centres and superb terrace bars, incredible pools, private beach access at Elia beach, and a focus on once-in-a-lifetime experiences, has ensured that guests keep coming back time and time again, with every detail, every service, and every stay carefully curated, building long-lasting relationships.

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