Our Singapore Airlines aircraft visit

Our Singapore Airlines aircraft visit

Yasmin, our Key Partnership Executive attended the aircraft visit, this is what she had to say...

My Singapore Airlines aircraft visit started in Manchester on a crisp -1 degree morning in November. I arrived at Manchester Airport Terminal 1 surrounded by the hustle and bustle of fellow travellers: my excitement was outweighed by the early start as there’s nothing like being at the airport. The A350 was arriving at around 8.45am from Houston.

The smell of coffee walking through duty free surrounded me. I wasn’t alone however - I was joined by other colleagues who are just as excited as it’s a fantastic opportunity to experience the product first hand.

We met the Singapore Airlines Account Managers at the check in desk where the staff were friendly and helpful.

Soon after this, we were shown the new dedicated Premium Economy check in area and to accommodate for large groups who want to start their holiday with ease, I was advised that Singapore can arrange a designated check in desk for group bookings.

We then walked to the Aspire Lounge where I could see a cut out of the beautiful Singapore uniform straight away.

The lounge is perfect for customers to relax and enjoy complimentary hot and cold food and a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. I only wished I was sat here waiting to board with a cold crisp glass of wine. Complimentary newspapers were also available but there was no time for reading today.

After the lounge, we were taken to the boarding gate where the A350 was in full view. The clouds emphasized the ‘black glasses’ on the windows which I later learnt are known as ‘racoon eyes for the A350’

On boarding the plane, the crew asked if I would like to experience the cockpit. What an amazing extra. I was overwhelmed with the number of buttons.

After leaving the cockpit I walked through the 42 lie flat bed seats which felt luxurious as soon as I sat down. This may be the first and last time I sit in Business so I was taking in every moment. It felt like when you get a new car and there’s so much to look at, but you don’t even know to start.

The 18’’ HD screen is generous along with the 51’’ seat, one of the longest lie flat beds on the market. I lay there reading the menu.

The 1-2-1 Business configuration really works as everyone has access to the aisle. I then took a walk down the plane and popped my head into the toilet which had amenities available. Unlike other airlines, an amenity kit is not provided on your chair because you can help yourself to unlimited amenities in the toilet.

In Premium Economy, the chairs are comfy much like Business and very spacious - it even had a foot rest. The front seats have even more space and if I had the opportunity, I would book these as the additional cost is most definitely worth it, especially for those who need it. My favourite feature was a reading light. Like Business, the chunky headphones are complimentary and Premium Economy customers also receive complimentary Champagne.

Next was Economy where similarly to Premium, the 3-3-3 configuration is still spacious and includes a foot rest. Singapore enjoy listening to feedback and although a foot rest makes the plane heavier, they have found this is what customers like. The tray felt luxurious including a cup holder and headphones.

Something I noticed which was consistent was a pillow and blanket on every seat. This is a great touch as I know it’s something I have wished for on previous personal flights. Another additional extra was viewing the crew rest compartment. Although it was very awkward to get up there and a confined space, it was still roomy enough to relax.

The crew started to board, and I caught a glimpse of the gorgeous uniform.

It was sadly time to leave but what amazing knowledge I had gained - and of course, the bonus of viewing the cockpit and crew rest!

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