Our Turkish Airlines aicraft visit

Our Turkish Airlines aicraft visit

Emily, our Marketing Executive and Chloe, our Marketing Apprentice, recently visited the Turkish Airlines aircraft. Take a look at what they had to say about the experience…

Our visit to see the aircraft began at Manchester Airport, mid-August on a beautiful sunny day. We arrived just before 2pm and managed to weave through the chaos of excited travellers to get to Terminal 1, this is where we met Daiva, the Marketing Executive for Turkish Airlines. She kindly welcomed us and three other colleagues, who were all just as eager as we were to see the Refahiye A330 aircraft.

We headed to the luxurious Aspire Lounge, where the smell of delicious fresh coffee and cakes waved over us. We were given time to look around and have some complimentary lunch with a variety of tasty options, such as, cake, pasta, bread and salad. There was also the option of soft drinks or alcoholic beverages. The atmosphere was very relaxed and calm. There were sleek designed tables, sofas and TV’s where passengers relax before their flight.

We were shown a short informative presentation on Turkish Airlines where we got to see an insight into what their other lounges are like, including their Business Class Lounge in Istanbul, which is widely considered the best in the world. This lounge included amenities such as: showers and sleeping rooms, a cinema and a restaurant.

After the lounge, we were taken to see the aircraft. As we walked through to the gate, we could see the Refahiye A330 from the windows, this particular model was their 300th aircraft, as stated in bold, brightly coloured font across the side of the plane. Fun fact: All their planes are named after destinations in Turkey!

As we boarded the plane, we were greeted by the Turkish Airline hosts and hostesses with a friendly smile. We first entered Business Class where the seats looked relaxing and spacious, so we immediately laid back in them to get the true experience! The seats are able to recline almost completely flat into beds, with a small pillow for extra comfort. In front of each seat was your very own TV where you’re able to choose a language and enjoy a variety of movies and music. Each passenger also receives an amenity kit which includes items such as an eye mask, earplugs, lip balm, and socks. For in flight dining, they have onboard chefs providing award-winning meals.

We moved on to Economy Class where the seats positioned in a 2-4-2 formation, not as roomy as Business Class but still spacious. Again, each seat had a pillow provided. There were pull down trays in front of each seat with enough room for passengers to eat freshly cooked meals.

Once we’d had a look round it was time to go. Daiva was kind enough to hand us each a Turkish Airlines goodie bag just before we left. We gained a lot of knowledge and it was a great experience!

For more information on Turkish Airlines, visit https://www.aviateworld.com/airline-partners/turkish-airlines/

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