To Iceland and beyond...

To Iceland and beyond...

Recognised as a leading force in Icelandic Aviation, Icelandair celebrate their 82nd anniversary this year. Their ideal geographical position means they can offer some of the fastest routes from the UK and Ireland to 23 gateways in North America via their bustling hub in Reykjavik.

“Our aim is to always give our passengers a feeling of well-being in a friendly and personal environment that is both restorative and invigorating” - Icelandair.

With accolades such as ‘Best Major Regional Carrier in Europe*’, ‘Best Inflight Entertainment in Europe*’ and ‘Best Wi-Fi in Europe*’ under their belt, this historic airline is the perfect option for cross-Atlantic flights.

*As awarded at the APEX Passenger Choice Awards 2019

Icelandair Schedule from UK

  • London Heathrow: Twice a day
  • London Gatwick: Up to eight times a week
  • Manchester: Up to seven times a week
  • Glasgow: Up to seven times a week

Inspired by Iceland? Take advantage of Icelandair Stopovers

Passengers can fly across the Atlantic with Icelandair and stopover in the inspiring country of Iceland at no additional airfare. It’s almost like getting two destinations for the price of one!

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