Top 10 things to do in Jordan

Top 10 things to do in Jordan

Jordan promises a trip to remember offering rich culture, delicious cuisine, ancient ruins, and plenty of awe-inspiring views. There are so many unique things to see and do, so to narrow it down, take a look at the top 10 experiences for your clients in Jordan:

  1. Go back in time in ancient Petra

Without a doubt, Petra is the star attraction of Jordan, and few ancient cities are comparable to the city. The epic setting of a once-lost city is carved into the side of the rock face, the Greek-style temple is nestled between narrow canyon walls and dry riverbeds and stands as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  1. Float in the therapeutic Dead Sea

Split between Jordan and Israel and located around 430 meters below sea level, the lowest point on earth, the Dead Sea is a body of intense blue water and known for its mineral-rich salt water and mud. Travellers seeking a relaxing experience needn’t look further than the feeling of weightlessness floating on the Dead Sea and taking advantage of the spa treatments from the hotels close by.

  1. Explore the canyons of Wadi Mujib

Stretching from the Dead Sea to the Desert Highway and nicknamed the “Grand Canyon of Jordan”, Wadi Mujib is an incredible canyon that offers the ultimate adventure. The canyon offers unforgettable exploring activities, from hikes through the water of the Wadi Mujib Gorge to beautiful waterfalls to canyoning and abseiling down the centre of the cliffs.

  1. Discover the desert valley Wadi Rum

Known for its bright red sand and distinct jagged arches, Wadi Rum, also known as the Valley of the Moon is an otherworldly landscape. There are numerous ways that visitors can enjoy the landscapes of Wadi Rum, from four-wheel drive tours to camel safaris. Better yet, they can experience the Bedouin life by camping in the middle of Wadi Rum in yurts made of wool, under the stars.

  1. Taste the Jordanian delicacies

Sample some of Jordan’s varied cuisine, ranging from street foods, local favourites, and homemade specialties. From the national dish of Jordan, Mansaf to the worldwide favourite, falafel. No trip to Jordan is complete without experiencing the Jordan culture!

  1. Set your sights on the Roman ruins of Jerash

The Roman ruins of Jerash are among the best-preserved Roman ruins in the world with its imposing city walls, tiered theatres and towering columns, offering a rare glimpse into a world dating back over 2,000 years and a spectacular place to wander around.

  1. Follow the footsteps of Moses at Mount Nebo

Mount Nebo is the crown jewel of Biblical sites in Jordan. Officially known as the site from which Moses saw the promised land before he died, visitors can retrace the footsteps of Moses while enjoying the panoramic view from the summit of Mount Nebo, the place where the devout believe Moses is buried.

  1. Get to know the capital, Amman

The hilly capital of Jordan boasts countless attractions and showcases a contrast between traditional and modern Eastern culture and would need at least a few days of exploration. The city is home to several fascinating museums, a Roman Theatre, and impressive structures still intact, The Citadel. Amman also offers lively markets, plenty of shopping opportunities and rooftop bars, restaurants and cafes where visitors can sample the local cuisine with a drink or two!

  1. See one of the world’s most stunning mosaics in Madaba

Madaba is home to the largest number of mosaics, including the most striking, Jordan’s very own Mappa Mundi – the Madaba Map. Created in the 6th century and located in the early Byzantine church of Saint George, the map that depicts the Holy Land during the Byzantine period is displayed for visitors to set their sights on, giving them a unique insight into the history of the region.

  1. Dive among shipwrecks in the Red Sea

For those seeking adventure, Jordan is one of the best placed for scuba diving in the middle east. Located on the Gulf of Aqaba near the tip of the Red Sea, Aqaba has over 25 different diving spots. Along Jordan’s 27km of Red Sea coast, divers would see stingrays, hawkbill turtles, corals and sunken wrecks including an American tank.

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