Top 3 things to discover at Cap Maison Resort

Top 3 things to discover at Cap Maison Resort

Cap Maison is a stunning resort set in St. Lucia offering luxurious accommodations, fitness clubs and entertainment along with an exquisite selection of eateries and bars. Take all distractions away and dive deep into this blog which will tell you all Cap Maison has to offer, so you can pass this on to your clients.

All things wellness

Your clients can indulge in a day of being pampered by the talented team at Spa Maison, guests can choose from a selection of treatments from massages, exfoliation rituals and facials to help them feel refreshed and replenished. Cap Maison also offers room/terrace massages for more privacy.

With the combination of classes and facilities, it is easy for guests to plan a day of fitness at the resort. They can book a relaxing yoga session at the state-of-the-art fitness studio or check out the hiking and running clubs that take place on the stunning beach of Cas-En-Bas, take in the gorgeous views and participate in fitness activities along the Northeast Atlantic Coast.

Eateries and Bars

This property is foodie central, with an award-winning chef on-site guests will be blown away by the selection, presentation, and quality at the property’s eateries. Guests can enjoy The Club Room for a casual, laid-back vibe to watch sports games on a large TV whilst enjoying some signature homemade rum and scrumptious snacks; or your guests can admire the sunset views from The Cliff Bar, enjoy gorgeous tapas-style foods and finish the night off with their sunset-inspired drinks.

After a day of relaxing at the secluded beach, The Naked Fisherman is perfect to experience fresh traditional Caribbean cuisine. The restaurant holds a BBQ taster night event to allow guests to taste freshly made dishes. The Cliff at Cap is known for being one of the best dining destinations in St. Lucia, the restaurant exceeds all expectations when it comes to the signature dishes, they present in their fine dining experience.

Dining experiences

If you think it couldn’t get any better Cap Maison has a selection of dining experiences ideal for couples on a romantic getaway.

Guests can relax and take in the atmosphere with lit lanterns & the clear night sky, prepare for the most romantic date overlooking the Caribbean Sea and enjoy a glass of champagne sent down on a zip line. The resort allow guests to pre-book an incredibly romantic dining experience for two, whether you’re wanting a romantic breakfast or a late-night date, have the choice of both with Cap Maison dining experiences.

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