Urgent Notification after Tier 4 announcement

Urgent Notification after Tier 4 announcement

Following on from our communication on Saturday evening, we wanted to provide you with a reminder of our Crisis Management Plan.   We are currently operating at Severity Level 2 and we will continually review the situation and escalate if necessary. Our Crisis Management Plan details the priority order in which we will service affected customers and bookings, starting with customers needing repatriation and those with disrupted holidays due to depart in the next 14 days (in date order).

Where to locate up-to-date airline policies:

We publish all airline policies as we receive them, all of which can be found in our Covid Help and Advice portal here. We would urge you to check this page regularly.  We have summarised key airline policies for existing bookings in an easier to read format here.

We would like to remind you about our Disruption Cancel Button within our booking engine:

  Do not use this function if your customer is already checked- in.  If your customer has already checked-in please email postticketamends@aviateworld.com

- Always check the relevant airline policy before taking any action on affected bookings. Not all airlines offer refunds if the flight is not cancelled.

- If the relevant airline policy permits, you can manage these bookings in our booking system by using the 'Disruption Cancel Button' which can be seen below.  This button simply cancels the flight sectors from the PNR (avoiding a no-show if the flight still operates),

When your customer is ready to rebook you can do this for them by creating/accepting an Exchange Travel Credit via our booking engine and then redeeming it.  Our quick guide on how to do this can be found here.

If your customers wish to cancel please contact refunds@aviateworld.com and we will assist you in accordance with the relevant airline policy.

If you do have an urgent query relating to a booking with an imminent departure date, that is not answered by current airline policies, or that you are not able to manage on the website please email our team, following the instructions below:

- Email postticketamends@aviateworld.com

- Include the PNR and date of departure in the subject line

Please bear with us whilst we continue to navigate this ever-changing situation

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