Aviate Journeys The wonderfully bespoke, trade-only in-house tour operation for Travel Agents

Journeys provides travel agents across the UK with the opportunity to have their own, wonderfully bespoke in-house tour operation.

Wonderfully Bespoke Product only bookable by Travel Agents

As an Aviate Journeys Specialist you can tap into our team’s knowledge and expertise.  Our product portfolio is fully customisable to ensure you have access to the properties your more discerning clients desire – we do not offer a one-size-fits-all approach.  Our proposition is individual to each of our specialists needs and is built to reflect the aspirations you have - to take your business forward.

There is no upfront cost to be come an Aviate Journeys Specialist, we operate on a profit share basis.

Is a collaboration with Aviate Journeys for you?

If you are a travel agent who wants more control over your own business and to present tailored, package holidays to your clients, than the answer is yes!

Benefits of being an Aviate Journeys Specialist:

  • A unique relationship with us as your in-house tour operator – we are in it together
  • You control your clients experience from beginning to end
  • Complete control over your mark-ups, commissions and profit levels and complete transparency on ours
  • We are part of your team, so if you need our help to win a price-sensitive booking, we will give a little too
  • We equip you with a tailored product portfolio
  • We have you covered with Financial Protection
  • You will have access to our Specialists customer service team – this dedicated team delivers exceptional levels of service in instances of crisis and disruption too
  • A dedicated business manager will be yours, so that we can ensure your success


Keeping your brand on top

Whatever your end goal – Aviate Journeys can help you achieve your travel aspirations.

Travel agents embark on a unique journey with us to keep your own brand front-of-mind throughout your client’s journey.  Your brand will be prominent from the initial enquiry to the minute they return home – we are trade-only – so your clients remain your clients.

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