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Becoming a "Loganair Ambassador"

Becoming a "Loganair Ambassador"


Our network may have changed and some of our T's and C's have been updated to better meet your clients needs, but  we are finally starting to increase our flightplan, and thought it was about time we updated you on all things Loganair.

We have continued to fly all through the pandemic, though  for essential travel and on a reduced programme.
On that note,  we would like to invite you to be an ambassador for us.  Often you are booking regular trips for your clients but never make the trip yourself.  Would you consider taking a quick trip through your local airport and trying out a day return flight then providing feedback?  A chance to walk in your client's shoes and better understand their requirements.  If this is you, please email with a reason why, and we will select a Loganair ambassador every month.  First name will be drawn on Monday 17 May.     

Welcome back, and I hope you enjoy catching up with our news today.  
Donna, Colin, Greig and Kate

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