Japan Airlines Covid-19 Cover Extension

Japan Airlines Covid-19 Cover Extension

We have pleasure in announcing that the ‘JAL Covid-19 Cover‘ service will be extended until the end of September 2021. JAL has teamed up with Allianz Travel to provide complimentary cover for medical, testing and quarantine costs in the event that our customers test positive for COVID-19 during their travels. In addition, we have set up a 24-hour assistance line that customers can call from anywhere in the world if they suspect they have been infected with the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

Applicable period:

Flights departing on / after 23rd December 2020 and on / before 30th September 2021.(based on the date of the 1st segment flown on a JL international flight).

Applicable flights:

JAL international flights (operated by JAL with JL flight numbers). Codeshare flights operated by other airlines are not applicable.

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