Loganair goes carbon neutral

Loganair goes carbon neutral

Loganair is announcing a new initiative, which will see all air services go carbon neutral through a programme of offsetting as a first step on the road to introducing carbon-free flying on regional routes over the next two decades. [Flight testing of both electrical and hydrogen-powered aircraft will be conducted in Orkney this year and Loganair is a participant in both projects].

To fund the carbon offsets, Loganair will be increasing air fares by £1. The increase will be collected as an additional charge along with airport and government taxes and the charge will be annotated in the booking as a YQ charge i.e., a GreenSkies charge. The net negotiated airfares for patient travel are not changing, though the total additional charges collected will increase by £1 per passenger.

All Loganair selling channels will collect the charge, and it will be applicable to all public and negotiated rates on all flights.

This carbon offset charge will be applicable to new bookings from 1 July 2021.

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