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Aviate Rewards Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  • Aviate Rewards is a sub-brand of Aviate Management and operated by Aviate Management.
  • By agreeing to these terms and conditions operators/agents have opted to be a part of the Aviate Rewards loyalty scheme.
  • Operators have the sole responsibility of managing prize distribution internally – Aviate hold no responsibility for any prize distribution deemed ‘unfair’ by agents or operators.
  • Aviate Management retain the right to dissolve Aviate Rewards at any time without prior notice.
  • Aviate Rewards spin tokens cannot be transferred between accounts.
  • Aviate Rewards spin tokens hold no monetary value and cannot be redeemed for anything other than a spin on the Aviate Rewards prize wheel.
  • Aviate Rewards spin tokens can only be redeemed by agents who are still in employment with the same operator at which the tokens were accrued.
  • Any Aviate Rewards spin tokens accrued by agents no longer working at the operator will be expired.
  • Spin tokens will expire at the end of the month following accrual.  i.e. a spin token accrued on 14 July 2022 will expire on 31 August 2022.
  • Spin tokens will be allocated to the Aviate Rewards dashboards upto 48 hours after accrual
  • When an operator has multiple agents using the same log in the main contact on that account will be contacted to arrange prize send and will be responsible for prize distribution among colleagues.
  • Should an operator or agent wish to opt-out of the Aviate Rewards scheme they must notify the Aviate marketing team with at least 7 days written notice.  Tokens not spun at the close will be expired and Aviate will hold no liability.
  • Aviate cannot be held liable for any prizes that get lost or stolen when dispatched.
  • Prize winners will be contacted within 15 working days of incentive close.


All agents at my tour operator share the same log in, how will we be rewarded?

If you share one login to the Aviate booking system, all your bookings will be held under the same user ID.  This means that when you view your Aviate Rewards dashboard, you’ll see all ticketed passengers under that user ID.  Therefore, tokens and prizes will be shared amongst your operator and the main contact we have will be contacted regarding prize wins.

It is important to know that Aviate holds no responsibility for the fair distribution of prizes within an operator when a log in is shared.  This is the sole responsibility of the tour operator to manage this process internally and to make all staff aware of how it works.

Can I set up my own log in to monitor my own bookings/prizes?

Absolutely, please contact our Partnerships team and they will help your set up your account.

I have my own log in, how will I be rewarded?

If you have your own log in to the Aviate booking system, you will only be able to see your ticketed passengers on your personalised Aviate Rewards dashboard.  When a prize is won, you will be contacted as the main contact on that user account.

Can I accrue tokens/when will my tokens expire?

Tokens cannot be accrued for an extended period.  All tokens issued will expire on the last day of the month following accrual. i.e. a token accrued on 10th July 2022 will expire on 31st August 2022 – use them or lose them! 

To avoid disappointment please ensure you redeem your tokens before they expire as they will not be reinstated after expiry.

How quickly will I receive my spin tokens after earning them?

Please allow up to 48 hours for spin tokens to become visible on your Aviate Rewards dashboard after ticketing passengers.


For any further information please contact our marketing team on