Confirm Testing Partnership

Press Release Monday 9, November 2020.

Travel Innovation Group announces new partnership with rapid Covid-19 testing company

The Travel Innovation Group is pleased to announce a new partnership with Confirm Testing, a leading supplier in rapid Covid-19 testing and fit to fly certification.

This new partnership allows tour operators and travel agents the opportunity to recommend Confirm Testing as a supplier of rapid Covid-19 tests for travel to their customers, their friends and for personal travel with a market-leading discount of 20% of the general retail price, using the promotion code TIG20.

To utilise this promotion code simply visit and enter the promotion code TIG20 when prompted.

Navigating testing for travel can be a minefield for those in the industry, and the Travel Innovation Group hopes that this partnership brings tour operators and travel agents the opportunity to add even more value to the great service they already offer to their customers. 

Those tour operators who work with Lime, Aviate or Virgin Atlantic Flightstore can also earn a commission on every test booked using their own unique promotion code.  For those who do not have an account already, you can speak with our partnerships team on

The Travel Innovation Group constantly strives to look for unique ways we can support our customers and the wider industry, we want our customers to know ‘We Are With You’ and we will continue to look for different ways we can offer support through this time.