Confirm Testing Tour Operator Specific Codes

  • Each test booked under a Travel Innovation Group linked promotion code (a tour operator branded code) will benefit from being able to provide their customers with a link and promotion code resulting in a 20% reduction in Confirm Testing's general retail price plus a £2,50 payment for each test booked using this specific code.
  • The £2.50 will be paid over to you at the end of the calendar month after the test was booked.  i.e. test booked in November 2020 and monies paid over to you end of December 2020.  This will come through as one lump some for all tests booked using your promotion code in the previous month.
  • The Travel Innovation Group is in no way responsible for the service received by Confirm Testing.  Once the test booking is made, the transaction is between the travelling customer and Confirm Testing.
  • The Travel Innovation Group acts only as an intermediary in the process to provide our customers with a cost-effective means of testing.