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Flight products

We pride ourselves on being the best flights consolidator in the UK for Inclusive Tour fares - but that's not all we do.

We offer a range of different fares to our tour operator partners including; Seat Only, Published fares, Cruise fares and Regional flying fares too.

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Inclusive tour and seat only fares

We are the leaders in providing Inclusive Tour fares to the travel trade - so why would you get yours from anywhere else?

We offer IT fares for over 55 airlines - including the top 10 airlines as rated by Skytrax in 2018.

Compare fares & compare ticketing deadlines live online -  then pick the flight that works best for you and your client.  Book with no deposit, your fare is guaranteed - just come back and ticket before the ticket deadline.

For more information log in or call 0151 350 1110

Published fares

We offer published fares from over 150 airlines...

For itineraries where there are no nett fares available (such as flights not originating in the UK) we can still offer published tariff fares.

We can ticket over 150 airlines on a huge range of international and domestic routes. All of which can be booked and ticketed online – with a 72 hour grace period for you to confirm details with clients or ground handlers.

For more information log in or call 0151 350 1110

Cruise fares

We have cruise airfares that are guaranteed to float your boat...

We offer unbeatable one-way nett fares that our operators can use as part of a cruise package.

For more information log in or call 0151 350 1110

Regional flying

Not all journeys are as straight-forward as getting from A to B

The journey may start in the UK but could lead on to regional destinations.  We can help you with those regional flights.  Our network of regional flying partners operates throughout East and Southern Africa to a multitude of destinations.

We're here to make your processes more efficient.

For more information click here or call Julie Molyneux on 0151 350 1114

Out of Date Range

Clinch those North America, Mauritius and Maldives bookings as early as you can, giving your customers more chance than ever before to save for that dream trip.

For more information click here.

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