LHR - Airline terminal moves

LHR - Airline terminal moves

All airlines have temporarily relocated from Terminal 3, which marks the end of passenger operations in T3 until the recovery phase of this unprecedented situation becomes clear. Terminal 4 temporary airline relocations continue and are expected to be completed by early May.

From Monday 20th April, Beijing Capital Airlines will temporarily be relocated from Terminal 3 to Terminal 2.

From Tuesday 21st April, American Airlines and Virgin Atlantic will temporarily be relocated from Terminals 3 to Terminal 2.

From Thursday 23rd April, China Eastern will be temporarily relocated from Terminal 4 to Terminal 2.

As other moves have already taken place, and further moves will happen over the coming weeks, it is very important that those passengers who are using Heathrow for essential travel use our Which Terminal guide below, and keep in touch with their airline to confirm which terminal their flight departs from before travelling to the airport. Your airline will endeavour to update the Which Terminal guide as quickly as possible to reflect the changes noted above.

To access London Heathrow's Terminal Finder please click here.