Manchester Airport: A gateway to the world

Manchester Airport: A gateway to the world

Discover our trusted Airline Partners at Manchester Airport

Manchester Airport plays a crucial role as one of the UK’s premier international hubs. Strategically located in the heart of the country, this bustling airport serves as a gateway, connecting passengers from various corners of the world. The airport's significance extends beyond its impressive size and modern facilities, with a recent extensive refurbishment to elevate travellers' experiences, the project included enhancements to terminals, lounges, and the overall infrastructure, which aims to provide travellers with a contemporary and streamlined environment.


As a company proudly rooted in the North, our unique connection to Manchester Airport is forged through our esteemed Airline Partners, who operate their services from this dynamic hub. This partnership not only underscores our commitment to serving the North but also positions us as a vital link in the network that makes Manchester Airport a premier gateway for global travel.


We work particularly closely with the following airlines that operate from Manchester Airport:

  1. Aegean Airlines
  2. Aer Lingus
  3. Air Canada
  4. Air France
  5. Air Malta
  6. Air Transat
  7. American Airlines
  8. Cathay Pacific
  9. Emirates
  10. Ethiopian Airlines
  11. Etihad Airways
  12. Hainan Airlines
  13. Icelandair
  14. KLM
  15. Loganair
  16. Lufthansa
  17. Oman Air
  18. Qatar Airways
  19. Scandinavian airlines
  20. Singapore Airlines
  21. Swiss International Air Lines
  22. Tap Portugal
  23. Turkish Airlines
  24. Jet Airways

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