Qatar – Holiday destination’s hidden gem

Qatar – Holiday destination’s hidden gem

Are your clients looking for a Middle Eastern getaway but not sure where to start? Qatar is a hidden gem
filled with vibrant culture and stunning landscapes.

We’ve outlined some of the main reasons why we think the sunny, culturally diverse, and picturesque location of Qatar is the perfect holiday destination people just don’t know about.

Qatar is steeped in traditional routes, and culture, with sunny weather all year round. From amazing
architecture and history to large desert dunes and mangroves, there’s so much for your clients to

Located in the Middle East, Qatar is the second smallest country in the Persian Gulf. Due to its location
on the east of the Arabian Peninsula, it sees high temperatures of 42 degrees in the summer months
and much cooler temperatures of around 18 degrees in the winter months.

Beyond the lights of the country’s capital city of Doha, they’ll find seas of golden dunes, where they can
hire a group of expert drivers to take them out for a day of dune-bashing. ‘Dune bashing’ is an
experience where trained drivers will motor their passengers around the dunes, thrashing through the
sands and navigating the ever-changing landscape.

For guests who are looking to enjoy a spot of luxury shopping, they’ll be spoilt for choice in Doha. The
city has plenty of lavish malls filled with everything from high street brands to exclusive boutiques. The
standout mall to mention in Doha is the Villaggio. This mall has breathtaking painted ‘blue sky’ ceilings
and built-in canals that bisect the islands of shops. After a long day of shopping, clients can relax in the
mall whilst riding on a gondola cruising around on the built-in canals. It’s the ultimate shopping

One thing that may surprise visitors to Qatar who are expecting desert are the lush mangroves, teeming
with wildlife. Your clients will have the opportunity to join a kayaking tour for a close-up experience of Al
Thakira’s natural mangrove. Herons, purple crabs, and flamingos are just some of the many amazing
wildlife to see in the area. The white mangroves consist of winding waterways and large tangled roots,
in a flourishing ecosystem. If they’re looking for an adventurous day out then this is the perfect place to
check out.

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