Taste and Tradition: A culinary journey through Calabash, Grenada

Taste and Tradition: A culinary journey through Calabash, Grenada

In the heart of Grenada, the Calabash hotel stands as a culinary haven, embracing the local and seasonal delights. Every menu is driven by what’s readily available on the island, with many of the fruits, vegetables, and spices sourced locally from the organic-certified farm, L’Esterre, nestled in the north of the island. At Calabash it isn’t just about dining, every dish tells a story, and every bite is a celebration.

Rhodes Restaurant

Here your clients can expect a world-class dining experience, where they will be served an elegant cuisine filled with the spices and flavours of the island, inspired by the ingredients from Grenada’s lush vegetation. If your clients are after somewhere to celebrate a special occasion, then Rhodes restaurant would be the perfect recommendation. At Rhodes, an event is hosted each evening with an elegant dress code, perfect for those who want to dress to impress.

The Beach Club

The perfect setting for a relaxed lunch by the stunning sea and the powdery sands of L’anse Aux Epines Beach, the Beach Club at Calabash offers your clients a casual beachside dining experience. With a vast menu comprising tapas, salads to larger plates, any craving will be satisfied.


Izakaya is one of Calabash’s latest restaurant additions, offering innovative , Latin-inspired sharing plates alongside the infinity pool bar. This is the perfect spot for your clients if they’re after a bite for lunch, with friends and loved ones , surrounded by the tropical vibes of Grenada and the 360 views of the stunning resort.

Private beach dinners

If your clients are after a little something more private and romantic, this would be the perfect setting for them, with private beach dinners or picnics available on request. Whether celebrating a special occasion or simply seeking a moment of pure bliss, the private dinners at Calabash redefine romance.

Be culturally enriched

Every Friday your clients can embark on a flavourful journey, as Executive Chef Ramces takes the stage at The Beach Club. Guests can join in for some engaging cooking demos, where the spotlight is on Grenada’s finest produce. Chef Ramces shares insider techniques and tips that will inspire culinary skills to take back home. On Sundays, there is a tropical fruit tasting. Not only do guests get to try truly scrumptious fruits, but they will also get to explore the island’s vibrant flora and fauna – a delightful way to connect with Grenada’s natural wonders.

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