Update regarding MH inflight meal service effective from 1 September 2023

Update regarding MH inflight meal service effective from 1 September 2023

We're pleased to share this exciting news from our partners at Malaysia Airlines.

Malaysia Airlines announce changes to their inflight meal service on some routes from 1 September 2023, as a result of the termination of our contract with our primary in-flight Food and Beverage provider in Kuala Lumpur. 

Malaysia Airlines wish to highlight that their service to/from London/Kuala Lumpur will not be affected. Additionally, flights to/from Auckland also remain as previously. 

Effective from 01 September 2023, there will be minor modifications to the in-flight meals on selected routes with the focus of ensuring the highest level of quality for inflight catering services.

Pre-packed Meals: For most short-haul flights, pre-packed meals will be provided and will be distributed onboard by the cabin crew. These meals will consist of ambient components such as bakery items, sweets, biscuit & drinks – depending on travel class and flight duration, aiming to deliver a satisfying inflight dining experience.

Flights affected out of Kuala Lumpur: All Domestic, Regional, China (Canton & Xiamen), Hong Kong, Taipei.

Revised Meal Structure on Longer Flights: A revised meal structure has been carefully designed to ensure nourishment during the journey. These meals will consist of:

• For Business Class, meals to be served in disposable equipment (except for Australia and Narita) together with ambient components i.e. bakery items or dessert on a simple tray setup. Meals for Australian sectors and Narita will be served in casserole with satay, appetizer, and dessert on a tray.

• For Economy Class, meals will be served in disposable equipment (Australia, Narita, Korea and South Asia) together with ambient component i.e. cake.

Flights affected out of Kuala Lumpur: Australia, North Asia (Narita, Korea), China (Beijing & Pudong) and South Asia.


In addition, Special meals, Chef-on-Call, meal upgrade and pre-booked meals will be temporarily unavailable during this period on the affected routes. Passengers with special dietary or medical requirements are encouraged to bring their own meals onboard subject to liquids, aerosols, and gels (LAGs) requirements at the departing airport.

Regrettably, for the duration of the time the Malaysia Airlines business continuity plan is in place, and they are unable to offer special meals on the affected routes. Malaysia Airlines recognise the need to advise all affected passengers.


Malaysia Airlines appreciate your understanding during this transition period and thank you for your continued support.